Live: Wood Turning with John Williams

John Williams is back with another exciting, live wood turning event. We will be serving hot chocolate and a special spiked apple cider!

The demonstration will be "A Peek Beneath the Bark". We will look at the hints of what features are under the bark and then take a look inside. When looking at a log or limb to turn, there are visible indications of what will be revealed when it is turned. We will look at features from knots, to a “Y” or crotch section, to a slice through the log, and other indications. Once a feature is identified, the raw wood will be turned to demonstrate what the feature reveals and how and why it matters to the orientation of the finished work.

Join us, December 8th from 1pm - 3pm, as John shares his process with the public. 

We hope to see you there!

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