Changing Course

Changing Course is the visual story of iconic people, places, and moments that have transformed history. 

Joined together by a shared commitment to interfaith & intercultural dialogue, artists Lori Haas and Ré Phillips undertake a body of work that challenges historical narratives about the agency of women, the idea of difference, and the significance of migration. 

In an effort to pay homage to those that have contributed to the metamorphosis of our global world, Haas and Phillips creatively reimagine the icons and iconography that have transformed modern history as we know it. The work features the stories of changemakers, ranging from 480 BC to 2012 AD, and emphasizes their corporate concern for the betterment of humanity. Underlying their work is the belief that mutual understanding and commonality have the power to bridge divides and bring people together. 

With the objective of evoking personal, local, and global transfiguration, the show hopes to provide its onlookers with an alternative considerations to ponder: to challenge orthodox interpretations of history; to call into question the idea of otherness; and to reevaluate the transformational influence of women.

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