"Collection" new work by Kate Breakey

In  ‘Collection’, Kate Breakey continues her exploration of the taxonomy of the natural world, specifically the desert Southwest, where she lives.   Inspired by 19th century scientific pen and ink illustrations, rendered from life on blank white pages, Breakey reproduces this affect, laying out on paper, a range of specimens ---birds, rabbits, moths, a rattlesnake, --and adding layers of texture, digitally and by hand.  There are also intimate portraits of larger animals, -javelin, coyote, long-horned sheep, a bobcat and fox, reminiscent of early European paintings.    And finally series of ‘still lives’ of individual quail eggs, delicately colored with pastel – each one made precious and unique in it’s tiny frame.  Together, these works are a kind of  ‘cabinet of curiosities’, which evokes a sense of wistful nostalgia. 


Join Us October 20th 11AM TILL 2PM for the opening celebration of "Collection"

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