Brickworks Gallery Waterfall Photo “Ghosts and Other Visions: A Success for Both Brickworks and Kate Breakey

On October 6, 2017, Brickworks Gallery was privileged to welcome internationally renowned photographer Kate Breakey and her latest work to the Atlanta Celebrates Photography festival as our featured artist. The event was an extraordinary success, as Breakey fans and art fans alike gathered for a night of observation, as well as to here Breakey speak.

Brickworks Gallery Tree PhotoBrickworks and Breakey Speak on her Latest Work

Brickworks Gallery founder, Laura Adams and Kate Breakey recently spoke to Lois Reitzes of WABE’s arts program, “City Lights,” on the impact and reach of Breakey’s latest work.

“Kate’s work is very emotional and ethereal and it speaks to issues and feelings that are universal,” Adams said in a radio interview with Public Broadcasting Atlanta’s “City Lights” program. “This current body of work is about Kate’s life and love lost and I believe that everybody has experienced that in some form or fashion in their life. Kate’s work has a wonderful connection to her viewers...Everybody can relate to it.”

Breakey also commented on the event, focusing in on her inspiration and methodology, as well as the meaning of her latest collection, “Ghosts and Other Visions.” “The images are metaphors. They’re representations of the idea that love is an entity or an aberration or a dream,” Breakey said in reference to the poem that helped inspired the collection. “[Love] is elusive, ephemeral and it can evaporate or disappear, but that if you look, you can see it everywhere.”

You can hear the entirety of this interview by clicking on the following link:  

Breakey’s latest exhibition, “Ghosts and Other Visions,” is ongoing at Brickworks Gallery through December 31.

BrickMale at Brickworks Gallery Blowing Glass works Gallery Announces its Next Event

If you are looking for your next Brickworks Gallery fill, we will be hosting “First Friday at Brickworks Gallery” on Friday, November 3, 2017. This event will feature Brickworks Gallery’s resident glassmaker, Devan Cole, who will be demonstrating glass making techniques at his portable kiln in front of the gallery on Friday night. Cole will also be offering glass making workshops and classes on Saturday and Sunday of that weekend, which you can sign up for on the Brickworks’ website.

Be sure to mark your calendars for First Friday and celebrate autumn with us by enjoying our gallery, as well as dinner at one of the several wonderful restaurants nearby, and perhaps even a walk on the Beltline. For more information, contact us today at (912) 596-3147 or email Laura Adams at