Welcome to the Brickworks Gallery Blog—Part 2

In this second part of our introductory Brickworks Gallery blog, we will take a look at some of the upcoming events at Brickworks Gallery and the artists behind them. Our previous entry explained who we are and what our art gallery is about. Check back on our future blog entries and our website to find out about new events and exhibitions at Brickworks Gallery.

A Tour and Talk From the Owner

On Saturday, September 16, from 2-4 pm, you can join us for an engaging afternoon as Brickworks Gallery owner Laura Adams talks to the High Museum’s Art Partners members about her gallery. Laura, who was an artist for 25 years before opening the gallery, will also give us a tour of her studio and home in the B. Mifflin Hood Brick Co. building.

This event also includes artists Rachel Evans, Emma Knight, and Howard Kurtzman, whose work is on view in the gallery. They will be joining Adams to talk about their art. Laura Adams will be happy to answer questions about collecting and displaying art, her work, the gallery, and more.

You can sign up and attend the event through the High Museum website. More information on our event can be found at:


Glassblowing Workshops

From September 19th to the 24th, Brickworks Gallery will be hosting glassblowing workshops by Devan Cole. The glassblowing workshops we conducted last spring were so popular that we have invited Devan Cole back for more.

Cole will be bringing his portable glass making studio and setting up in front of Brickworks Gallery. You can sign up for classes to learn glassblowing technique and make your own piece of glass art.

The cost will be $72 per workshop. You can sign up through the art gallery website.

Photography Exhibition and Artist’s Talk

On October the 6th at 6 pm, internationally renowned photographer Kate Breakey will be giving a talk on her work and photography as an art form. As part of the Atlanta Celebrates Photography Festival, Brickworks Gallery will be showing a solo exhibition of new work by Breakey.

Kate’s work is known worldwide, and she is a master of alternative photographic processes. She will be presenting and speaking about a new body of ethereal, painterly work she created based on a poem.

Check our website soon for more details about this event.

Visit the Brickworks Gallery

If you’re looking for a fun, accessible and unique experience in Atlanta, GA, please visit Brickworks Gallery. We are dedicated to bringing you the best in contemporary art and expression. From glass art to colorful abstract paintings, you are bound to find something compelling and beautiful.