“Amorphous: Cloudscape Paintings” by Rachel Evans, Hosted by Brickworks Gallery

March 29, 2018

You are invited to join Brickworks Gallery and the creative community of Atlanta for the exciting opening of “Amorphous: Cloudscape Paintings by Rachel Evans” on the evening of Saturday, April 21, from 6pm-9pm. This exhibition features the work of one of our favorite area artists, Rachel Evans, whose work has been shown throughout the United States, Hong Kong, and in France.

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Brickworks Gallery Presents: Life Revisited by Dale Niles

March 5, 2018

Join Brickworks Gallery on Friday, March 16th at 5:30 pm for the exciting opening reception for artist Dale Niles, whose Life Revisited exhibition will be on display March 16th-April 18th, 2018. Using materials sourced from over forty years as a working artist, Niles creates visual narratives composed of found images. The archive of clippings references both everyday life and nostalgia simultaneously. This body of work has received honorable mention in the International Photography Awards. Additionally, Niles has exhibited work locally with the Atlanta Photography Group and in the Museum of Contemporary Art GA, both in a show and in the annual Art Auction. Mark your calendars so you won’t miss this Brickworks Gallery event featuring an amazing artist!

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Art Showcase by John Williams

January 19, 2018

Join us on February 3rd from 2-4:30 in the afternoon at Brickworks Gallery as our wood turner, John Williams, shares his renowned technique for creating beautiful turned wood art pieces. Not only will John demonstrate his technique for turning on the lathe, but also how he selects the wood he works with.

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Brickworks Gallery: Artwork Gift Ideas

December 20, 2017

Art makes a great gift because it is something a person can live and grow with. It may take on new and different meanings over time, it may shape how a person designs their space, and it may inspire lively conversations. Unlike pieces made on a macro scale by some impersonal home goods manufacturer, a handmade vase, an oil or acrylic painting, or a blown glass piece comes from a place of deep aesthetic consideration. Also unlike a macro-made piece, a work of art from Brickworks Gallery will have a name attached to it. So not only can you excite someone with the gift of a new work that provokes thoughtful consideration, but you will be directly contributing to the continuation of a talented artist’s career.

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Celebrate Brickworks Gallery’s 1st Anniversary at the Howard Kurtzman

December 7, 2017

Since the founding of Brickworks Gallery just one year ago, we have held many events showcasing the exciting and accessible works of artists like Kate Breakey, Devan Cole, John Williams, and Bill Rush. Each event has brought together collectors, admirers, critics, and the community at large in the hiustoric and revitalized B. Mifflin Hood Brick Co. building.

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Woodworking Artist, John Williams, Meet and Greet on November 18th

November 14, 2017

Brickworks Gallery's award-winning collection of art continues to grow alongside several exciting upcoming events. Our “wood whisperer,” John Williams, will be hosting a meet-and-greet on Saturday, November 18 from 5:30-7:30 P.M. Williams will spend the evening telling stories about his work and discussing the materials and tools he uses. Williams creates his work from urban trees cut down due to blight, disease or construction, giving them a new, and beautiful life. His work is heavily influenced by the work of the famous Moulthrops of North Georgia. He is scheduled to speak at 6:00 P.M. on November 18th.

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“Ghosts and Other Visions: A Success for Both Brickworks and Kate Breakey

October 27, 2017

On October 6, 2017, Brickworks Gallery was privileged to welcome internationally renowned photographer Kate Breakey and her latest work to the Atlanta Celebrates Photography festival as our featured artist. The event was an extraordinary success, as Breakey fans and art fans alike gathered for a night of observation, as well as to here Breakey speak.

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Brickworks Gallery features Kate Breakey’s Latest Work, “Ghost and Other Visions”

October 1, 2017

Brickworks Gallery is excited to announce our featured artist for the Atlanta Celebrates Photography Festival, Kate Breakey. “Ghosts and Other Visions” is the latest work by internationally renowned photographer, Kate Breakey. The exhibition will open on Friday, October 6th, 2017. This beautiful show features Breakey’s latest body of work, based on the poem, “Ghosts of Love.”  The artist herself will be at Brickworks Gallery for the opening on October 6th at 5:30-8:30 pm, and she will give an artist’s talk at 6:00 pm. Be sure to mark your calendars to hear Breakey talk about her ethereal, painterly work.

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Welcome to the Brickworks Gallery Blog—Part 2

September 15, 2017

In this second part of our introductory Brickworks Gallery blog, we will take a look at some of the upcoming events at Brickworks Gallery and the artists behind them. Our previous entry explained who we are and what our art gallery is about. Check back on our future blog entries and our website to find out about new events and exhibitions at Brickworks Gallery.

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Welcome to the Brickworks Gallery Blog

September 7, 2017

Welcome to our new Brickworks Gallery blog! This two-part introduction will explain a little bit about Brickworks Gallery. We also have a few upcoming events you won’t want to miss if you love contemporary art and expression. If you live in Atlanta or plan on visiting, make sure you pay Brickworks Gallery a visit to see some of the amazing work on display.

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