Brickworks Gallery Kurtzman 1Celebrate Brickworks Gallery’s 1st Anniversary at the Howard Kurtzman Art Showcase

Since the founding of Brickworks Gallery just one year ago, we have held many events showcasing the exciting and accessible works of artists like Kate Breakey, Devan Cole, John Williams, and Bill Rush. Each event has brought together collectors, admirers, critics, and the community at large in the historic and revitalized B. Mifflin Hood Brick Co. building.

To celebrate our momentous first year of sharing great art with the people of Atlanta, we will be hosting a party and art showcase featuring the work of one of our favorites: Howard Kurtzman. Kurtzman’s showcase, called “B There or B Square,” will open Saturday, December 16th, from 5:30-7:30 PM. We hope you will gather with us for this evening of celebration!

Brickworks Gallery Kurtzman 2About Howard Kurtzman

Howard was born in New Jersey and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida. When he graduated the University of South Florida in 1986 with a degree in communications, he had no intention of becoming a painter. Under the tutelage of a good friend, however, Howard found his niche among art collectors, investors, and enthusiasts.

A lightning strike, the fear of being held at gunpoint, the pain of a venomous sting to the head, and countless wonderful moments in nature have all inspired Kurtzman’s passionate, wild, and vivid work. In these paintings, the emotion of trauma, the tantalization of passion, the whimsy in the movement of fish, the peculiar order found within chaos, and shocks of color collide to bring real life to his canvas.

Event Details—Anniversary and Art Showcase

Who: Howard Kurtzman, painter

What: Brickworks Gallery’s 1st Anniversary and Art Showcase

When: Saturday, Dec. 16th

Where: Brickworks Gallery, located at

686-A Greenwood Avenue NE

Atlanta, GA  30306

Brickworks Gallery Kurtzman 3Celebrate with Brickworks Gallery

This past year has proven the interest and dedication that the Atlanta community has for vibrant and accessible art. Please join us on Saturday to appreciate Howard’s wonderful work and wish us well as we head into another exciting year. Contact us at 912-596-3147 for more information about our gallery or the event, or visit our exhibitions page for more details.