For Bill Rush, being raised by blind parents has instilled a unique appreciation for the sighted world and he’s dedicated his life to sharing that appreciation with others. As a boy, his mother’s low vision prevented her from seeing the things so many of us take for granted, but studying his pictures up close allowed her to experience the visual world in a whole new way - through his eyes. It wasn’t long before this unique bond with his mother inspired a career path that’s led Rush across the country sharing his vision with the world. As a photographer and graphic designer, he has brought his unique perspective to millions working with The Weather Channel, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz and countless others. 

His series, POV, is meant to encourage the viewer to take a look at the world around them from a whole new point of view. Rush has captured scenes in and around the city of Atlanta in a unique way, sharing the world through his own eyes to reveal details rarely seen. Inspired by The Atlanta BeltLine’s revitalization of what was once nothing more than an abandoned railway corridor, Rush brings the beauty of these images to life on salvaged metal and raw industrial materials once considered anything but beautiful. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, sometimes it’s as simple as a fresh Point of View.