Jennifer May Reiland is an artist based in Brooklyn. She attended the Cooper Union in New York City and has spent time living and working in Paris and Barcelona. She has been a recipient of the Harriet Hale Woolley Scholarship, the Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program, and the Open Sessions program at The Drawing Center in New York City. She has shown her work in New York City, Paris, Spain, Houston, and Miami.

Jennifer was born into a hunting family in Texas and attended a Southern Baptist school that taught that the Endtimes were near. These two forces—hunting and religion—were the most important in forming her outlook and art. The world of her drawings is informed by this religious childhood which gave way to a secular art practice. Jennifer places her own feelings and memories into the context of the factual and mythical past. A Christ-like sacrificial figure often occupies a central role in her work. The bodies in her drawings are sacrificed or watch the sacrifices of others, with gender determining each individual's role—women and men offer their bodies for sacrifice in different ways. The ritual sacrifice of the bull in traditional Spanish bullfighting has become a powerful metaphor for her as she connects her own experiences with more universal mythical and mystical beliefs.