BIOGRAPHY: Jeff Markowsky was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada. When he wasn't playing hockey as a child, he was drawing, painting or sculpting figures with leftover clay found in his mother's pottery studio. His education as a painter began in graduate school with Gregory Crane and then with Frank Mason at the Art Students League in New York City. You will find him in the summers hiking the Appalachian Trail or traveling on a plein air painting excursion while camping out in his truck. His work is rooted in traditional representational art with an equal love and appreciation for both the human form and the landscape. Markowsky began teaching Painting, Drawing and Life Drawing in 1995 at the infamous SVA Savannah Campus. He currently lives in Savannah Georgia and teaches at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

ARTIST'S STATEMENT: I have been painting Savannah's Lanes now as a subject I return to often since I arrived in 1996. I find the one point perspective the perfect foil to play against the flatness of value shapes and tonal variety as light floods and drips over the patina of architectural elements. The summer heat and humidity in particular has an exquisite brilliance to the colors with a plethora of variety to the greens and just enough wobbly phone poles to give it unquestionable character.

In these most recent paintings I have adopted the modernist technique of ‘taping'. By doing so, it will equalize the flatness of the picture plane and play with the illusion of depth through this vertical grid, emphasizing the humid and arid nature of how I see and feel my environment. The lane is often an overlooked part of our neighborhoods and in fact, it is illegal to loiter there. Because foot traffic keeps generally to the streets, the lanes become fragments and broken visual sensations to passers by. My intention is to remind and bring significance to the beauty of an overlooked utilitarian aspect of our neighborhood and to our city.