bMOODYart Brad Moody started painting in 2009 and is a self-taught artist. He is a graduate of Rice University (BArch), Houston, TX , and studied at The Architectural Association, London, England and F.I.T., NYC, NY. A former designer and architect, his designs were featured on countless magazine covers and in editorial pages, as well as having been the recipient of numerous awards. The art work is loaded with social and cultural observations (frequently set in the region of his birth, the American "Deep South"). He is known for a "southern gothic" predilection in his choice of subject matter / iconography and his use of bold colors and frenetic line work. The paintings are populated with a cast of characters drawn from his childhood, the "big mama" figure, the hard living Uncle Wayne, St. Stonewall – the God Dog who battles the evil coral snakes, Lil' Pic – the bastard child of a white mother and black father, Baby Boy – the fallen “golden child”… bmoodyart has been shown in solo, 2-man & group shows – initially in Houston TX galleries: Redbud Gallery, G Gallery, Zoya Tommy Contemporary and d.m. allison Gallery, Regional shows in New Orleans, LA, Phoenix, AZ, & Savannah, GA quickly followed. International shows include Gallerie Roedestart, Copenhagen, DK and Gallerie Rasmus, Odense, DK. University Museum and gallery shows include the Tophane Museum, Istanbul, Turkey; the Nat'l Gallery, Athens, Greece; SMUS Gallery, Tarrant County College, Ft. Worth, TX, San Jacinto State College, Clearlake, TX and Houston Holocaust Museum, Houston, TX. As of 2016, book publications and bmoodyart curated shows are pending.