Born in New Jersey, and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida, this graduate of the University Of South Florida in 1986, with a degree in communication, had no intention of becoming a painter. A self-taught artist, who was inspired to paint by a close friend, Howard Kurtzman found his niche with art collectors, investors and art enthusiasts alike. Showing work from galleries and his studio has spawned the sale of about 300 paintings.

Life and near death experiences have been the inspiration of a multitude of paintings. A lightning strike, held at gunpoint, and a venomous sting to the head along with so many wonderful moments in nature have all inspired a painting or two. The intense passion to create has helped produce some wild, vivid, imaginary, whimsical, sexy, telling pieces of art. The emotion of trauma, the tantalization of passion, the whimsy caught in the movement of fish, order in chaos, and shocks of color collide to bring real life to the canvas.

The road ahead is unpredictable, there is a painting waiting to diagram the past.