"An encounter with one of Knight's paintings is a chance to reflect and explore. Her canvases reveal an atmospheric sensibility. The landscapes are real locales, most are in Virginia. But under Knight's careful eye, they have dissolved down into slippery, undulating forms. Line, shape and color work in concert to evoke the mood of a place and time rather than clear and detached details. The process to create one of the paintings is painstaking. In an effort to preserve the environments she paints, Knight uses water-soluble oil paints. This eliminates the need for turpentine and other solvents in the paint process. She slowly places many layers of the paint onto the canvas to achieve the desired visual effects. In her newest works, the Efflorescence Series, her abstraction has gone a step further. No longer representing actual space, the organic structures still conjure sensations of life. They recall the riotous petals of chrysanthemum or carnation. Or perhaps their squiggly shapes suggest the unseen creatures found in the waters of a lake or a river. Knight embraces the natural world to her own sensuous end. We feel compelled to do the same. Knight studied art at the Virginia'a University of Mary Washington. Her paintings have been shown in fairs, galleries and salons nationwide." -written by the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), December, 2015